W3Perl need a configuration file to run.
If you have a cgi access, use the web administration interface to build it.
If not, you can use the online tools available on my website. or fill it up manually.
You can use several configuration files for one serveur (if you want separate stats over parts of your server or for each users own directory).
Some predefined configuration files are available (IIS, Mandriva, FTP, ...)

- Server / Logfiles

Define first which server you are running and which logfile format your server is using. If you use compressed/split logfile, give the log filename structure and the tool to uncompress them.

- Path

Then the package need to know where the stats will be output, where the cgi and root server are located and finally the logfile path and log filename suffix.

- Filtering

Next step is to give the filtering rules. Do you need to exclude some hosts, some part of your server or some directories or maybe some countries ?
You can also exclude robot, framed page or referer spammer.
If you need some detailled stats about few pages or directories, add them in the list and you'll have some extra stats.

- Threshold / Domain

Only interested in the top stats ? Enter threshold to display the most successful items. If you want stats about your own domain, you can include them with the full stats or just filtering just your domain. SPIP user should activate the extra stats available for them.

- Reverse DNS

Building configuration file

If your logfile have only IP addresses, using reverse dns convert them to hostname which allow country stats to be made ... but it's a very consuming task to query IP through the Net. The Geo::IP module allow to do the same job by querying a local file, faster but not as accurate (and you'll need to install this Perl module).

- Display

Select in which languages the stats will be output. Graphs can also be selected between lines, bar charts or 3d bar charts. Links, texts and background can be altered here. But if you need to alter the display, modify the css provided with the package.

- Stats

Finally, choose which stats should be running and when.