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Still improving (ajax menu).

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3.19 3.17
28.08.2013 | 3.18 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release is available.
- Menu uses now ajax to display so you won't need anymore to wait the next incremental run to get menu updated. Of course, it require a server running, if you don't have any, the old way of menu creation is still being used.
- The next big task was to rewrite the spec file in order to get an improved and easier way of packaging. If you want to build w3perl for your own distrib, you just need to edit the spec file and customize your default web paths.
- The last big task was to add support for SFTP and DSCH ISC (v4), feedbacks are welcome.
- Finally, there are still some bugs to be fixed....

Chinese output
chinese-homepage Main features from 3.18 :

- AJAX menu
- New RPM/Deb packages
- DHCP ISC logfile support
- SFTP logfile support
- Jqplot graphs can be exported in PNG
- RSS sorted by date
- Chinese output (thanks to Ziqin)
- Referer exclude with string filtering
- Can hide the resources menu
- Can exclude page using regex

Bugs fixed (main ones):

- Jqplot output (histo threshold/empty plot...)
- Search tool available if no CGI
- Duplicate local hosts with precision 4
- d flag broken with load-balancing logfiles
- PDF broken with first page empty
- Japanese output (file was not in utf-8)

To be done :

- Memory improvement on incremental run for Squid user
- Toggle Traffic in week/month/year
- Adding domain plots.
- PDF reports to improve

08.07.2013 | 3.175 | Auteur : Domisse
Last dev package before the next stable release. I will now focuse on bug fixes. The next stable release will be available end of august (holidays !).

Last fixes :
- Fix some issues with cron-session
- Wrong link for 'Download' in ajax menu
- Added missing link for top section in ajax menu
- Update config file list when new config-example-* files found
- Fix some issues with sftp logfiles.
- RSS output sorted by date

24.06.2013 | 3.174 | Auteur : Domisse
The big task was to find a way to generate PNG graphs from jqplot plots. Email clients doesn't allow javascript to be displayed so graphs are not available when exporting to PDF/Email (Jqplot is a javascript library).
Of course, you can still use the old way, using fly.

Last fixes :
- Jqplot graphs can be saved in PNG
- Added support for ISC DHCP logfile format.
- Added support for SFTP logfile format.
- Missing headers on some files (precision = 4, several languages).
- More checkings in install.pl script
- PDF were broken when using jqplot.

RPM / Deb package
31.05.2013 | RPM / Deb package | Auteur : Domisse
Spec file have been updated :
- RPM is relocatable using --relocate /var/www/w3perl = NEWPATH --relocate /var/www/cgi-bin/w3perl = NEWCGIPATH
(you need to specify relocate option when upgrading also)
- upgrade.txt file is now build from install
- symlink is build also
- chmod and chown are set for /config/ and /admin/resources/
- Windows configuration files not anymore upondisplayed on linux

So you can now run and upgrade w3perl from rpm or deb package without any changes (Alien tool didn't preserve chown when converting from rpm to deb so I use %post to make the proper chown/chmod).

Demo have been updated to 3.172...so it includes the new ajax menu. Referer spam are enabled in order to skip all those spammer ! (just to mention they're loosing their time ;)

3.172 - Ajax menu
17.05.2013 | 3.172 - Ajax menu | Auteur : Domisse
W3Perl uses now an Ajax menu, it allows uptodate menu when new report is available. Of course, it requires a web server running in order to work, so the old static menu is still there for w3perl-win.exe package. As a reminder, with the old way to generate menu, you have to wait the incremental run to display all available menu.

Referer spammer detection have been improved, you can now use keywords to filter the referer field (using the referer-keyword.txt file). Referer spam is a good way to detect virus/malware on remote computers. Most hosts sending referer spam are infected. I've tried to contact a provider so they can send a warming to their clients about this problem. Sadly, the answer was to block referer spam on my side rather than cleaning the source.

You can also crypt your w3perl's output, I use it to display demo mode.

09.05.2013 | 3.171 | Auteur : Domisse
As usual, the first dev package fixes some issues. I have received some nice feedbacks about few things to improve. Thanks for your comments ! The package have been tested without a web server running and no CGI available. I use now $linkpath_url : empty value means no web server running. I use also $cgipath to check if CGI are available : an empty value means no CGI.
I will wrote few documentations about how to install W3Perl on several virtual webserver.
Two new options are available in the config files :
  • $hide_resources_menu : to hide the resources menu
  • $tri_exclude : to skip some pages (regexp available)

Last fixes from the previous stable package :
- Wrong display on Page Search
- Search is now available without CGI
- Countries pie chart link
- Duplicate local hosts shown on incremental run (precision 4)
- Hosts files are not anymore removed on incremental (precision 4) : faster
- Empty jqplot graphs produces errors
- Threshold was not set in histogram plots
- Fix W3C validation
- Preliminary support for hourly splitted logfiles
- Output can be crypted (to hide email in demo mode)