Directories stats 

Answers to these questions could be found here :

Compare weekly stats for the directories I have selected.
Which directories use the most my bandwith ?
Where are the most popular items ?
Which language people are selecting ? (if your website have been translated to others languages)

For each directory, you can view which one is the most successful. Trafic, HTML and hits are displayed with values and percentage. In addition, a hits graph for a number of selected directories is shown versus weeks along with precise information for these directories.

star List of selected directories


For each selected directories included in your configuration file, you will get specific stats. Percentage give the relative access to your differents directories. If domain stats is activated in the configuration file, an extra columm is shown.

dir2 dir3 dir4
Stats for the selected directories Requests for /demo/ Traffic for /demo/

Click on the link will bring you a page with two graphs for the selected directory. The first one show the number of accesses versus the last few weeks and the second the traffic used versus weeks. The graphs can altered to be a line, a filled line, a 3D bar chart or a flat chart.

star Directories stats

It is useful to know which part of your website is the most successful. If your web is available in several languages and all the files are located in their allocated directories (/uk/ for english, /fr/ for french), you will be able to quantify uk versus french access.
Internal means the script count only files in the specified directory. Global means it counts recursively including the files found in the different subdirectories.
Each directories from the same level have the same background level to allow a better view.
You can specify a seuil level to exclude from display low access directory and thus reducing the download of this stats page.