Real time stats 

You can see real time stats about the number of hosts, number of hits, number of HTML pages and traffic. This page is refresh every 60 seconds by the browser and took 1-2 seconds to compute. To avoid too much CPU, the script can only be run once while running.

star Requests - Accesses - Hosts - Traffic

You have the ability to change the integration time (default is 60 seconds) and the time intervalle. Here the graph show an intervalle of 60 minutes with an integration time of 60 seconds for each point. Three others graphs are build for HTML pages, Hosts and Traffic.


star List of hosts

Within the selected time intervalle, each host show the HTML page red, the time spent on your website and when the last occurence was.


star List of HTML pages

One of the most interesting stats is to observe which page people are using. Most of the time, your homepage should be at the top of the list. If you have a framed website, the first files will be the different part of the frame.


star List of scripts

What you can do with HTML pages, you can do also with scripts


star Traffic summary

A small summary about download is available from the start of the period selected. It help you to compute how much bandwidth you need to satisfy your customers.