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Which hosts are the most popular ?
Sort hosts stats by domain
Show me the list of pages for each host
Can I know the traffic for each host ?

Which hosts are visiting your website ? The top most hosts are printed on this page. For each country, you can view all hosts inside and clicking on each host can show you the HTML pages they have read.
The stats are provided in a way you could find data easily. On the main page, hosts stats are sorted by country. Selecting a country, show you the list of domain from it. Then selecting a domain, give you the list of hosts inside. Finally, selecting a host can give you the list of page read.

star Most successful hosts


Here is the list of your favourite users. This is not people who come the most often but people who get the most of your website. If you forget to exclude yourself from the log, you'll see your own machine at the top of course ! Hosts are not people and usually top ten hosts are proxy server or web spider except if you choose to reject robot in your configuration file.

star Domain stats

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Hosts sorted by countries List of domain for each country

To avoid geting a very long list of hosts to long to download, hosts have been sorted by countries. Basic informations as the number of hosts, number of HTML pages are displayed. For each country, the number of HTML pages read divided by the number of hosts show which country have most accesses by host.

Selecting a country will display the domain hosts belonging.

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Hosts for each domain Pages read for each host

Another deeper click will show you the hosts within the specified domain.
Finally select a host to display the HTML pages read. This feature is only available if you choose the higher level of precision.